2015 Fall Sharathon

November 11-13

The Challenge

At WDYN Radio, we are a listener support, non-profit radio station that is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in the Chattanooga & surrounding areas, along with around the world. Our challenge is to raise the funds needed to help us operate the station & continue to broadcast the beautiful music & life challenging messages.

The Solution

Our solution is very simple; we set aside 5 days a year for our Sharathon and we ask our listeners to prayerfully come along side of us for both prayer & support. With the backing of our listeners, we are able to keep spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Total Given


% of our Goal

2015 Fall Sharathon

Ways To Make Your Pledge:


423.842.4382 or 1.800.468.2586

Give Online

Give online over a secure website with a credit or debit card

Fill Out Your Pledge Form Online

You can now fill out your own pledge form and submit your information to WDYN. We will then contact you regarding your pledge. No credit card will be processed online.

  • United States of America 87%
  • Brazil 19%
  • Canada 16%
  • Italy 13%
  • Netherlands 12%

WDYN.com is reaching around the world

With your pledge of any amount, WDYN Radio will continue spreading the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ around the world. Over the past month, WDYN Radio has been listened too online by 1,232 people, from countries all over the world. To your right are the top 5 countries that wdyn.com is reaching with the gospel.

Make Your Pledge Today

Together...You Can Help WDYN Radio Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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