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Dr. Dobson points out the value in connecting in community and coming alongside others:

“Raising kids alone is the toughest job in the universe. Do you suppose that there is someone in your neighborhood who is going down for the third time? How about giving a helping hand? Not only will it give encouragement to the mother or father but one or more children will bless you as well.” —From Dr. Dobson’s Handbook of Family Advice.

CONNECTING 3-CD Broadcast Set includes:

  • “Developing a Firsthand Faith I & II” featuring Pastor Kerry Shook, Ryan Shook, Josh Shook
  • “Married Life: The Early Years” featuring Bill and Mrs. Pam Farrel
  • “The Kids are Gone…Now What? I & II” featuring Dave and Claudia Arp
  • “The God-Wild Marriage I & II” featuring Pastor Steve and Liz Holt
  • “Being There for Your Son – I & II” featuring Dr. Steve Farrar

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